Colloquium is a forum for in-depth discussions on issues of fundamental importance & develop innovative ideas for sustainable solutions to policy challenges.

CCS Colloquium is a two-day (three nights) residential program and forum for in-depth discussion centred on a chosen theme. The Colloquium provides participants an opportunity to disentangle themselves from the distractions of everyday life to reflect on issues of fundamental and enduring importance.

Unlike a traditional conference in which some lecture and others listen, participants at the Colloquium explore a specified theme together by discussing texts they have read in advance. Their shared inquiry is guided by a discussion leader who offers probing questions and helps to keep things moving, but who does not lecture or advocate for any specific interpretation of the texts. The purpose of the discussions is to challenge participants to examine, refine, and develop their own ideas by engaging with others interested in the same issues. ​Our hope is that participants will go on to share their advanced understandings and to develop innovative ideas and approaches for the advancement of liberalism today.​

Past Programs