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  • Indian Liberals, is a unique open digital archive devoted to organising, preserving, and promoting the diverse tradition of liberal thought in India. India's engagement with principles of individual liberty in all spheres of life - economic, social, and political - dates back to the early eighteenth century, and a vast literature has emerged from historical struggles against colonial rule, and dissent against socialist policies post-Independence. The archive covers works by key advocates of liberal ideas such as C. Rajagopalachari, B. R. Shenoy, Minoo Masani, A.D. Shroff¬≠, and many others.
  • offers liberal insights on issues, in Hindi. It is India's first, and largest, liberal hindi portal, an initiative of Centre for Civil Society, the Atlas Global Initiative and the Cato Institute. The website contains high-quality writing by liberals, translations of famous liberal texts originally published in English, and commentary on contemporary issues. This website offers a powerful and effective means of reaching out to the Hindi-speaking community, whose reach, in comparison to English media, is much more widespread.
  • IndiaBefore91 seeks to document the various aspects that defined life during the License Raj period before the adoption of economic reforms in 1991 in India. It aims to build an archive of lived experiences under an economic system of state monopoly, licenses, rationing, and other modes of economic regulation by the state. Through narratives, anecdotes, testimonies, newspaper reports and political cartoons, we hope to construct a holistic account of the economic and political structures in India before 1991.
  • Spontaneous order A leading online publication focused on developments in economics, politics, and policy. Featuring longform essays and opinion pieces advancing ideas of liberty, transparency, and efficiency.