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Policy Dialogue

What are the bottlenecks to our country being prosperous?
Why is industry and infrastructure in India lagging far behind than the rest of the world?
Why are the youth leaving the country behind to look for opportunities elsewhere?
What economic, social, and political changes are needed to accelerate growth and development in India today?

Policy Dialogue is an internationally recognised program that brings young people together to explore ideas about individual liberty and economic prosperity.

We believe that India has untapped potential that is waiting to be unleashed; and it is people that hold the key.

Policy Dialogue aims to bring young people together to explore these pressing questions, and encourage discussion and debate about the foundations of a free, prosperous, and just society. In the past two years, we have interacted with over 10,000 passionate young minds from 6 states across the country. Similar programs have been organized by sister-organizations across the globe in countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Germany, and Kyrgyzstan.

Policy Dialogue centres upon an interactive dialogue on the chosen theme. The aim of the discussion is to encourage participants to think critically, and encourage an open, inviting, and respectful atmosphere, which will allow students to freely ask questions, and contribute to a constructive conversation. Through these interactions, we hope to inspire future leaders from the region to participate in the intellectual discourse that will shape their lives, and become change agents in their communities.