Researching Reality Internship

Researching Reality internship provides exposure to applications of socio-economic principles in policy & teaches research, analysis & critical thinking skills

A six-week, full time program for students and researchers. The internship provides a hands-on exposure to the application of social and economic principles in policy. We have been pioneering the program for the past 15 years and have worked with over 350 interns.

Through the internship, we seek to provide interns with:

  • Skills in planning, documenting, analyzing and interpreting research.
  • Ability to communicate with academic, media experts and government officials.
  • Creation of a Delhi Citizen's Handbook that provides an overview of the policy problems that citizens of Delhi face. Through the research, we try and provide practical solutions to such problems.

"Applications can be submitted through the online application form only. Applications via email or post are not considered. Any attempt to influence the decision on application leads to disqualification of the candidate."

Success Strories

Aniket Baksy, of St. Stephen's College was an intern at CCS in 2013. He studied the The Bamboo Industry in India: Supply Chain Structure, Challenges and Recommendations. Aniket was a panelist at our Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival to talk about his paper, and has been contacted by several consortiums and individual companies for advice as to where the Bamboo Regulatory schemes were most favourable for the establishment of industries.
Jaai Vipra of Jai Hind College was also an intern with CCS in 2013. She wrote a paper on A Case for Gender Neutral Rape Laws in India. This year, her Women's Studies teacher will be using this paper as part of the college curriculum for the next batch of students!
Shahana Sheikh interned with us in 2008. Her paper on Public Toilets in Delhi: An Emphasis on the Facilities for Women in Slum/Resettlement Areas was made a mandatory reading for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi by order of the High Court!


"The internship introduced me to the field of policy research and the structure of the program where every intern is assigned a guide was wonderful. The entire CCS teams, co-interns and others provided a lively respectful and friendly environment to work in and was a great learning experience. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

Vrinda Aggarwal Intern, 2014

"It's impossible to imagine that one could learn experience worth years in merely two months. And if CCS internship could make this impossible thing happen, it speaks volumes of what it is to be like a proud CCS intern!"

Cheistha Kochhar Intern, 2009

"It is wonderful to see the youth participate in such programs. Let me know what you are looking forward to in the next couple of years because it will be of great help to me. Encouragement is what I get when I know there are people interested and thinking about better governance."

Shiela Dikshit Hon' Chief Minister of Delhi at a special meeting with CCS interns,May 2009
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